You’ve been struggling with thinning hair for years; stressing and sweating as you watch your hairline recede. Now you’ve finally decided to get your hair back. But how long will you have to wait?

Hair transplants are one of the most popular hair restoration choices, because they’re permanent and they provide your own natural, growing hair from your scalp. Hair transplants, however, require time to regrow.

During a hair transplant procedure, healthy hair follicles are removed from one area of your head and implanted into another experiencing hair loss. These healthy follicles typically take between three and five months to begin to reproduce hair again. This initial hair is thin and fine, and sometimes grows unevenly but it’s a normal part of the hair regrowth process. Your new hair will sometimes be similar to baby hair and can grow in curlier than your typical hair and possibly either darker or lighter as well. This hair, however, quickly, straightens and changes coloring to match the hair on the rest of your scalp.

After eight or nine months, most of the replanted hair follicles will be producing new hair, and it will slowly begin to thicken and take on your natural color. By one year, transplanted follicles will grow fully mature hair that will continue to grow for your entire lifetime.

The first several months after a hair transplant procedure are the hardest for most of our patients. After having hair transplants, it’s difficult to wait months to see results. And even when hair begins to grow, it is fine and wispy. It can be frustrating for patients, but absolutely normal when it comes to growing hair.

As anyone with a bad haircut can attest to, hair grows slowly! Typically, humans can grow about six inches of hair each year from healthy follicles. Newly transplanted follicles are more delicate and require healing time, thus producing hair at an even slower pace. Just as hair loss typically happens over the course of many months or years, hair growth is a slow and steady process.

Hair transplants are a permanent solution that requires an up-front waiting period. However, when this waiting period is over, your own, growing hair is fully restored and will continue to permanently grow from your scalp for the rest of your life.

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